Sabino Civilleri//Manuela Lo Sicco


con Sabino Civilleri e Manuela Lo Sicco

17-18 GIUGNO – CAP10100 dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 16:00

Un laboratorio in cui si sviluppa una riflessione sulla relazione tra il corpo che agisce e gli oggetti che lo accompagnano.


With Sabino Civillieri and Manuela Lo Sicco

17th June- 18th June CAP10100

Drama-Box workshop – around the square.

The intention is to reflect on the relationship between the acting body and the objects around it. Our aim is to investigate this relationship through the study of the weight of the object, considering it a crucial factor for the conception of the character. Everything is in a continuous state of movement, in a free fall toward the ground. Actors and objects undergo their own specific weight and they support each other trying to reach an balance to avoid the knock out. We will concentrate on this ineluctable perpetual motion. Inside the square, the boxer flies as light as a butterfly, while men are clinging themselves to the ropes and objects are deformed, under the weight of life. The space separating the public’s greediness from the boxer’s hunger for glory is miserable. An overwhelming gap, where defeated characters drag themselves around, full of resentment and revenge. Taking a leap is hard. You need to be brave.

Manuela Lo Sicco was born in Palermo in 1977 and since an early age, she has shown the need to focus on disciplines involving an artistic expression of the body, such as gymnastics, ballet, contemporary dance, although developing a personal research which doesn’t seem to be fulfilled by dance. She finishes high school and decides to enrol at the Drama School of Teatro Biondo in Palermo. Her experience in theatre area which brings her often on the stage, gives her the chance to focus on those skills she will aim to reach all along her following career as an actress: connecting the physical strength she feels to verbal expression. She finds her like in a group of young actors who are looking for new forms of theatre which can involve the actor, a text and the public in an emotional experience. With this group, together with Emma Dnate, Sabino Civilleri, Gaetano Bruno, she founds a company, Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale. From there, she grows day by day and show after show, so to keep on developing her artistic path, where she often interpets a main character. At the core of the artist performance on stage, there are words outside the text, life stories inside the theatre, strong feeling and emotions beyond physical barriers. She is gifted with generosity and being happy to share her knowledge and experienced, she works hard in order to train young and not so young actors, accustoming them to a new method of studying the theatre language.

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