Workshop di Teatro Integrato – GRENZ

con Alberto Valente

19 GIUGNO – CARTIERA dalle ore 10:00 alle 12:30 e dalle ore 14:00 alle  15:30

Attraverso l’improvvisazione fisica, gestuale, vocale, canora e verbale, il corso costruisce un clima di fiducia dove ognuno può esprimersi al di là delle capacità e “normalità”. Condotto da Alberto Valente, fondatore dell’associazione Urzene.


19th June – CARTIERA

Grenz, in German language, “border”. Through improvisation on physical, gestural, vocal, singing and verbal improvisation, the participants build a faithful environment where they can express themselves beyond their own skills and “normal” attitudes.

Alberto Valente starts in 1988 his career in the drama field as street animator, clown, juggler and

stilt walkers. He sets up many street theatre companies among which Stelten Flight and Stracci & Sonagli. In 1995 he gets to know and studies at a music therapy and theatre improvvisation school, while at the same time, he starts working as trainer and animator with disabled young people and underage considered at risk. He is among those who founded the group Quinta Tinta and he organizes and takes part in the Theatre Improvisation Matches. In 1997 he takes care of the so called “total improvisation” (body/voice), “authentic movement” and creative writing. In 2008 he sets up the Urzene Association, together with Salvatore Smedile, with whom he writes and directs several shows of social theatre and training paths for young and adults. For some years he’s been taking a stab at drawing and Graphic Novel, joying it to his performances and acting.

Per partecipare al workshop compila il form d’iscrizione QUI

Alberto Valente