Workshop di RADIO

con Fabrizio Galassi e Carolina Di Domenico

21 GIUGNO – CPG dalle ore 14:00 alle ore 18:00

L’intraprendente giornalista e la VJ per anni voce di TRL (MTV), in un laboratorio sull’ideazione e realizzazione di un trasmissione radiofonica.


with Fabrizio Galassi and Carolina Di Domenico

21st June – CPG

A 360 degrees workshop where the participants face all the characteristics of a radio program. Starting from the first conception (how to define a program, prepare the contents, a playlist and interviews, Mission, Reason Why, editing and communication strategy) going to the technical part (how and for how long you speak for, how to launch tracks, the Speaker). There will also be time for a specific deepening on Web Radio and the methodological difference with the traditional channel.

Fabrizio Galassi, 2.0 journalist, communication and social media marketing consultant, starts working as editor for, online showcase of the paper magazine with the same name. In 2007 starts collaborating for, where he writes for the Shows and Culture section. As a journalist, he works for Wired,, Kataweb, Rockstar, Percussioni, Groove, KissMe!, Satellite and Since 2009 he has teached at IED in Rome at the Sound and Design faculty and Web Journalism at Eidos Communication, nonetheless at La Sapienza University of Rome, teaching Marketing and Communication of Music Master. In 2010 is in charge of the editorial contents for Citizen Report (Rai Tre).

Carolina Di Domenico starts presenting Disney Club on Rai channel (from 1999 to 2003), program for which she wins twice the T.V. award Telegatto. The following year she becomes VJ for MTV Italia during the MTV Day and the hit lists Dancefloor Chart and Hitlist Italia. For the same broadcast she presents the program TRL, where she interviews guests such as George Michael, Avril Lavigne, Vasco Rossi, Green Day, Elton John, Fiorello, Renzo Arbore, Maroon 5 and many more. The following year she presents the MTV Day Europe Music Awards and the musical deepening A night with. She is back on Rai channels to present the music program “Perchè Sanremo è Sanremo” and “Sugo” together with Dario Salvatori.

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