Musica Jazz

Workshop di MUSICA JAZZ

con Chiara Civello

19 GIUGNO – CECCHI POINT dalle ore 10:00 alle 15:45

Il viaggio creativo che porta alla nascita di una canzone. Ospite al Festival di Sanremo e Torino Jazz Festival, Chiara Civello è stata la prima italiana a incidere per la prestigiosa Verve Records.


WITH Chiara Civello

19th June – CECCHI POINT

A meeting with Chaira Civello based on a creative trip which gives you to the feeling of song writing.

Chiara Civello was born in Rome and left it at the age of 18 to go to the States where she enrols at Berklee College of Musica, becoming the main Italian artist in history who records her first album for the prestigious Verve Records label, published by Russ Titelman himself. The 10 songs of her debut are the result of this year work, Last Quarter Moon (Verve 2005), 7 of which are written with other artists, including the balld Trouble, composed with the legendary Burt Bacharach.

“I had already written most of the songs when Russ called me saying Burt Bacharach wanted to work with me. Trouble was written after three beautiful days in Los Angeles where a lost melody I had in my head took shape”.Her debut affirms her on international scene making her step in Italian and Japanese hit lists. Billboard Magazine writes: “The beauty and charm of her work are definitely a great start for her promising career”. The International Herald Tribune says: “The combination of personality and depth are terrific”.

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Chiara Civello