con Erica Mou

20 GIUGNO – CPG dalle 10:30 alle 15:45

Composizione e sviluppo di una canzone con Erica Mou, vincitrice Premio della Critica al Festival di Sanremo 2012 e già ospite al Wind Music Awards, Heineken Jammin’ Festival ed MTV Days.


With Erica Mou

20th June CPG

A conversation with Erica Mou on creative writing, how to create and develop a live song. Erica Musci, art nicknamed Erica Mou, performs on stage of Sanremo’s stage with the song “Nella vasca da bagno del tempo” (In the bathtub of time), and wins the Mia Martini reviewers award and the Press Radio and TV Hall award. All these prizes bring a drastic success to the twenty-one years old songwriter from Puglia. She has already been on the most prestigious Italian stages: from the First of May concert in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, to Wind Music Awards, from Verona Arena and Heineken Jammin’ Festival to Turin’s MTV Day. On the international scene, she has also performed in the States ( New York, Los Angeles and Miami) at the Hit Week Festival, dedicated to Italy’s new music.

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Erica Mou