Danza in carrozzina


con Marilena Goria

18 GIUGNO – CECCHI POINT dalle 10:00 alle 11:30 e dalle 13:30 alle 15:00

Il corpo come mezzo di comunicazione ed espressione. Momenti speciali di aggregazione spontanea e guidata fra soggetti normodotati e persone con disabilità.


with Manuela Goria

18th June – CECCHI POINT

Those who live faithful relationships create faith around themselves. People with disabilities are “faith makers” for the entire community. If considered and made worthwhile, they become community makers and culture promoters. A group of people without disabilities together with one with disabilities, work on dance to live special movements of creativity, of spontaneous connecting relationships, all guided by the participants, where the body becomes a mean for expressing and communicate.

Marilena Goria starts working with people with disabilities, deepening the re-rehabilitation theories connected to movement and music. Founder of the “Ballo anch’io” Group (“I dance too”), she also participates to the Italian Championship of Dance in Wheelchair in June 2007 and 2008, reaching the first place both on the Group and Couples category. She also takes part to the Opening and Closing ceremonies of Turin’s Paralympic Games in 2006, choreographing a piece of Dance in Wheelchair and to the Opening Ceremony of World Championship of Fencing in Turin, 2006. In July 2010, Marilena Goria receives the Vignale Danza Award for her activity in Dance in Wheelchair and in October of the same year, with CONI and FIDS support, she holds the 1st Introductive Course to Dance in Wheelchair Teaching, followed the spring after from the Elaborational Course for Dance for disabled people Trainers.

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