Workshop di CINEMA

con Daniele Gaglianone

18 GIUGNO – CECCHI POINT dalle 10:00 alle 16:00

Essere protagonista della magia del cinema, con Daniele Gaglianone, co-sceneggiatore di Così ridevano di Gianni Amelio e ospite al Festival di Cannes per il film I nostri anni.


WITH Daniele Gaglianone

18th June – CECCHI POINT

A workshop on cinema with the director Daniele Gaglianone, where the participants have the privilege of living the magic of the 7th art.

Daniele Gaglianone is a film maker. In 1972, when he was six years old, he moved to Turin with his family. After finishing the accounting school and trying to study I.T., he decided to take a course on History and Critics of Cinema, held by Gianni Rondolino at the University of Turin. He graduated in Modern Literature in 1991. Between 1989 and 2000 he has shot many fictional short films and some documentaries. He also worked for the National Cinema Archive of the Resistance, where he experimented many of the roles involved in the cinema industry, from shooting to editing, from interviews to the video material data basing. In 1998 he co-worked with Gianni Amelio to the screenplay of “Così ridevano”. He’s been active also on the theatre scene: in 1999 with the show “Aggrappati ad una terra rivoltata sull’abisso”, together with the group Il Buio Fuori. In 2000 he shot his first film “I nostri anni”, shown at Cannes during the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs (2001). In 2004 he participated at the event Giornate degli Autori (Days with the authors), during the 61st Venice Film Festival, with his second film “Nemmeno il destino”, for which he won the A.I.A.C.E. award in the same year.

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Daniele Gaglianone